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Thank You for visiting Diamond Exchange Chicago. Are you looking for the best jewelry store in Chicago for diamonds and engagement rings? If so, you have definitely came to the right place! Diamond Exchange Chicago has been offering wholesale diamonds in Chicago for over 20 years. We are experts in getting our customers the biggest and the nicest diamonds and jewelry for there budget! Why would you pay retail prices on diamonds when you can shop directly with THE SOURCE? At Diamond Exchange Chicago we carry all shapes and sizes of loose diamonds. Nobody knows a diamond better than the experts at Diamond Exchange Chicago!

Wholesale Diamonds in Chicago IL

Welcome to Diamond Exchange Chicago. You have came to the ultimate site for the best deals for diamonds, engagement rings, and custom jewelry in Chicago! Why do we believe that we are the best place best place in Chicago to buy and sell diamonds? Until recently we have only been open to the trade to service jewelry stores in Chicago and around the nation. We have recently opened our doors to the public. Now you can get your diamonds directly from the source and we offer below wholesale diamonds! We have a long family history of dealing with diamonds for over 50 years! At Diamond Exchange Chicago we have expertise is diamond cutting, diamond importing, and diamond wholesaling. We are now offering the same wholesale prices on diamonds that was once only available to the jewelry stores. That’s right. When you deal with Diamond Exchange Chicago you are dealing directly with the source! When people shop at your typical jewelry store you will enormous markups, but not with us. We like to keep our overhead extremely low and pass the savings on to our customers. We do not have some elaborate showroom with fancy lighting and display cases full of low quality diamonds like you see with your typical jewelry store. When you work with us you will get a bigger diamond for a cheaper price! We will fully educate you on the diamond buying process and let you know what to look for in a diamond. There are many things that go into pricing of a diamond including carat size, clarity, color, cut, and many other factors. At Diamond Exchange Chicago we will guide you to help you get the biggest and best diamond for your budget. When want to give you excellent deals so you will come back to us and tell all of your friends and family. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or by calling us direct. We are available normal business hours 6 days a week. We prefer to be by appointment that way we can spend quality time with each and every customer.

Diamond Exchange Chicago Buys and Sell Jewelry

If you are looking to sell diamonds in Chicago then nobody pays more than Diamond Exchange Chicago. We have been dealing with diamonds as a family business for over 50 years so we know how much these precious stones are worth. If you take your engagement rings or diamond jewelry to your typical jewelry store that claims to pay top cash for diamonds you more than likely will be dealing with someone that is uneducated about how much your stones are actually worth. We can look at a diamond and very accurately tell you the carat size, color, and clarity and offer you top dollar. If you are shopping for wholesale diamonds then Diamond Exchange Chicago is the right place for you. We carry a large selection of wholesale diamonds that are GIA certified. When working with us you will be getting your diamond jewelry directly from THE SOURCE! We are Chicago’s best kept secret for diamonds. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment to visit our diamond showroom.